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Scientific Mysticism, Intuitive Wellness & Healing, Psychic Medicine, Extrasensory Development for Kids, and More.

Intuitive Wellness Coaching

Go from feeling stuck in your challenges to having tools and action steps for moving forward in your wellness. What is it that will help YOU feel your best? Ditch the latest trends and fads, and tap into what really works for YOU!

Extrasensory Vision Training for Kids

Inspiring Children Universally

Improve Confidence

Develop Self-Trust

Relieve Stress


Scientific Mysticism

By using a combination of frequencies, sound therapy, energy medicine, and psychic & intuitive skills, you can experience relief from what holds you back in life. Feeling anxious, living in the stories of past traumas, physical challenges, feeling stuck, relationship issues, and more, can all be tapped into and released by using science-based tools and techniques. The ultimate goal is to let go of what holds you back, provide insights and tools for moving forward, and allow you to live a happy, fulfilled, content life!

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